Regal Cinemas Welcomes ‘Unbillievable’ The Movie
Jan 26, 2024

Lockport Palace Theatre ‘Unbillievable’ The Movie
Jan 27, 2024

Seneca One ‘Unbillievable’ Draft Event
April 26, 2024

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“Unbillievable! Draft Event Screening Seneca One”

WKBW, April 2024

“Special screening of Unbillievable held to celebrate 2024 NFL draft “

WGRZ, April 2024

“See Unbillievable! The Movie this week at Regal Cinemas, get free beef on weck ”

Buffalo News, Jan 2024

I’d encourage you to see it yourself!”
The movie is wild, a kind of frantic, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-meets-the-“Fishes”-episode-of-The Bear love letter filled with Buffalo Easter eggs.”
– Connor Orr 

Sports Illustrated, Feb 2024 

“Unbillievable” coming to Apple Cinemas in Pittsford

WROC Rochester First, April 2024

‘Unbillievable’ movie centered around Bills fans holds premiere showing”
WIVB Dec 2023

“Movie based on Bills fans comes to Big Screen”
WGRZ Dec 2023

“Most Buffalo: ‘Unbillievable Bash'”

WGRZ, July 2023

“Bills fans-themed movie made on thin budget gets national interest
Buffalo News November 2023

“Buffalo Bills fans get ready for a movie based on them
WGRZ, October 2023

“Event heralds new filmabout the Bills ‘Unbillievable’ chance at Super Bowl Glory”

Buffalo News, July 2023

“Most Buffalo: ‘Unbillievable Bash'”

WGRZ, July 2023

“Bills Mafia movie begins filming in Buffalo’s East Side”

WGRZ, April 2023

“New Comedy Based on Buffalo Bills Mafia Wraps Up Filming”

ESPN Radio 104.5 FM, May 2023

“Life-long Bills fan working to make a movie about the Queen City and the radiant football culture”

WKBW, February 2023

“Comedy about Buffalo Bills fans finalizes filming in The Queen City”

WIVB, April 2023

“Movie about Buffalo Bills fans shoots in Western NY: ‘A natural for comedy'”

Syracuse.com, May 2023

“Unbillievable The Movie, a film made by and for Buffalo Football fans (but not just those fans) Crowdfunding until Feb 21st 2023 ( @UNBILLIEVABLE ) #supportindiefilm”

FromPage2Screen.com, February 2023

“Get Ready for ‘Unbillievable The Movie”

Buffalo Rising, January 2023

“An Unbillievable Movie”

BuffaloFambase.com, February 2023

“Unbillievable! The Movie”

Bee Newspapers, March 2023

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